Bad Habits While Drinking Coffee ( You Probably Do This Every Morning, But Here's Why It's Actually Really Bad For Your Health )


Every morning when I wake up, the first thought on my mind is COFFEE!

Like many caffeine addicts, the thought of having to speak to other humans or get ready for work without a large cup of joe is simply unbearable.
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I like it black or with a bit of cream and sugar, but either way, I definitely don't eat breakfast beforehand. That comes several cups later!
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It's a common habit to drink coffee before breakfast, but doing so might actually be negatively affecting your health – and I'm not just talking about that mid-morning caffeine crash.

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According to studies, when you drink coffee without any food – particularly black coffee – it elevates the levels of hydrochloric acid in your stomach and digestive tract.

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If this only happened occasionally it wouldn't be a big deal, but habitually drinking coffee on an empty stomach can eat away at the lining of it and your intestines. Over time, this can cause ulcers, bowel irritation, and, in worst case scenarios, bowel cancer.

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Not to mention bloating, heartburn, gas, and cramping in the short term! No one wants that, especially during a busy morning at work.
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So, before you reach for your coffee tomorrow morning, have a simple meal of toast or fruit. If you absolutely don't have time to eat, add a bit of milk, soy, or butter to your coffee to cut down on the acid. Your stomach will thank you later!

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