Physical Therapy Can Play a Big Role in Cancer Treatment

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“Judy York has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy treatments. But she keeps a positive frame of mind, and one of the reasons is she is getting help,” The Everett Herald reports.

“York said she is fortunate because her oncologist emphasizes a holistic approach to dealing with cancer… She said she would recommend that more cancer patients have physical therapy, during or after treatments… The main difference is physical therapists are more cautious. Safety is the No. 1 concern… The physical therapist can almost always help the patient with range of motion and stress reduction.”
“Physical therapy can help manage lymphedema, chronic swelling caused by damage to the lymph system. Prostate, bladder, uterine, cervical and colorectal cancer treatment can damage pelvic floor muscles. Physical therapy can help. Physical therapy can help with frozen shoulder, a painful condition common after breast cancer surgery/treatment. Physical therapy can help build bone and prevent injury due to osteoporosis, a common side effect of cancer treatment.”

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